[kon-struhk-shun] : verb
to form by assembling or combining parts; build
Kon-Strukt holds value in the fact that all furniture pieces, whether small or large, are carefully handcrafted by one artist, Lewis Irving. Any wood used is handpicked and locally harvested in order to maintain an eco-friendly approach while supporting the local community.

Kon-Strukt products are designed with the belief that simplicity is both cutting edge and timeless. Complexity in a piece is reflected in the natural beauty of the material and the seamless craftsmanship, which makes every piece unique and one-of-a-kind. Kon-Strukt's products rely heavily on clean lines, silhouettes, and the application of contrast. Accents of stark white or a basic color on many pieces echoes the design concept that the true identity of wood is revealed through the finishing process.

From conception to completion, Kon-Strukt operates on the principle that form follows function. Home accessories and furniture become parts of our daily lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. We believe that furniture deserves to play a more active role. That belief is why Kon-Strukt's products are always designed with a solution to a household problem in mind: not only should your furniture be nice to look at, it should be useful.
Kon-Strukt believes that a car truely embodies your personality. At Kon-Strukt we will work with you to achieve you dream: whether is a custom restoration, or modern custom we work you to make it real. At Kon-Strukt, we do our best to fit every budget, small or large, the quality will be uncompromised.

All designs for customs or custom restorations are geared to be the most unique on the road. From design, process, to the final product, Kon-Strukt wants to ensure that you are part of the process of birthing the ride you have always visualized. Kon-Strukt offers services from suspension, custom body work, light interior work to paint.