[kon-strukt] : verb
to make or form by combining or arranging parts or elements
Kon-Strukt started with mastermind, Lewis Irving's, passion and hobby for cars / design when he was in high school. Most of his time was spent customizing and painting his own cars: anything to get people to turn their heads on the road. News spread that he did his own customization work and at 16 he was painting his neighbors cars and working in a local body shop.Fast forward to college, where his love for design and working with his hands led him to major in Furniture Design at VCU. Between turning out ultra modern wood furniture and working in a European car restoration shop Lewis's unique skills earned him a reputation in Richmond and Northern VA.

Business partner and wife, Sarah Irving, grew up with a life in the theatre and her father being embodied by the world of car restoration. She possessed an entrepreneurial mind, a love for design, and all things out of the ordinary: she knew she wanted to own her own company that could marry all three together. When meeting her future husband Lewis, his "Renaissance Man" spirit and their countless long nights spent talking about a dream to own their own business made her realize that together they could create something great.

In 2012 the couple saw that Lewis's talents in furniture and car restoration combined with Sarah's passion for business and design provided them with a pretty unique idea for a business. That year the idea for Kon-Strukt was born.

In July 2012 Lewis and Sarah set out to buy a 1972 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 to restore for their October wedding. The project was no walk in the park. The car sat for 17 years, did not run, was a rust bucket, and was infested with ants. Despite all of these challenges, on top of planning a wedding, the car made its first fully restored appearance at their rehearsal. The completion of 280SE and the amount of attention it received gave the couple the final push they needed to fully pursue a customs and restorations business.

All of Kon-Strukt's works are created, restored, and customized with the end user and their unique experience in mind. Whether it be restoring a 100 year old kitchen table into something sleek and functional or a 1984 Alfo Romeo Spider into a dream cruising machine, every Kon-Strukt product is executed with the up-most quality, care, and detail. The duo currently produces their works from Northern Virginia and spends their free time attending car meets / shows and tackling the next project.